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1963 was a watershed for Holden, releasing what many people today still consider to be their greatest achievement, the eighth model "EH".

The new model offered an impressive combination of style, power, refinement, ruggedness and value for money. Launched in August, it entered direct competition with the recently released Ford Falcon.

An immediate success, more than 250,000 were sold in the first 18 months of its release, making it the fastest selling Australian car - ever.

A far more substantial facelift of the EJ than those that had been attempted before, the "EH" featured a far more commanding look with a revised roofline and clever styling which, to most eyes, improved its looks from every angle.

And the improvements were not limited to the exterior of the car. The biggest news with the new model was in the introduction of the new "Red" motor that used an oversquare design with a seven bearing crankshaft.

These were the first Holden motors to use hydraulic valve lifters, and they featured the use of an external oil pump and oil filter that made servicing a dream.

So popular was the "Red" motor that it remained in service until 1985, during which time it had been continually improved and was now a 3.3 litre with fuel injection, 12 port head and counterbalanced crank.

The vast majority of EH Holdens built were "Specials", however a "Standard" model was available for the fleet and taxi markets. A limited edition sports version, the "S4", was made although only in the order of 120 were actually produced.

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